5 fave pairs of shoes I own, 3 pairs of shoes I want!!

So I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks but this has been on my blogging to do list.

I saw a similar post a few weeks ago and I wanted to do my own.

So, this is My 5 favourite pairs of shoes I own and My 3 favourite pairs of shoes that I want!  Only 3 for my want list, I’m not greedy 😉

My 5 favourite pairs of shoes I own;

1. Kurt Geiger ‘Samantha’


These are my most recent wardrobe addition, I loved them as soon as I saw them and HAD to have them. They come in Black or Nude and I have very similar KG ones already in black so I opted for nude and am super happy with them! Just need a bit of sunshine now so I can start wearing them!

2. River Island floral sandal.


These floral sandals I had in 2011 and I love love love them. They are beautiful in the flesh, and when I have worn them I had so so many compliments. They were quite expensive at the time so I managed to blag them as a present! Super feminine and pretty!

3. All Saints Vintage Serpent Heels.


My wonderful husband bought me these as a Christmas gift last year. They’re 100% python skin, not for the faint hearted perhaps, but snakes shed their skin so I’m sure that’s ok? As with most All Saints products they’re very cool and very comfy! Always a bonus when you wear heels! If you follow the link then you’ll see they are currently out of stock but apparently still available in the US somewhere?

4. Moda In Pelle gold glitter peep toe heels.


Everybody should have a little sparkle in their shoe collection! I saw these in a magazine during the festive season and I couldn’t stop thinking about them so I had them as an extra early Christmas treat. They are super pretty and I see them on Pinterest all the time on peoples wish lists, I’m just really glad I snatched them up when I had the chance!

5. Irregular Choice Leopard Print Cortesan shoes.


So these shoes were so incredibly limited edition I can’t even find an image or a link to share them properly. Here they are on my feet on my wedding day. I had them from Schuh a couple of summers ago and when I saw them I loved them, shortly after I bought them they changed the design so I was thrilled that I got a pair before that happened. Irregular Choice have a huge selection of designs within their Cortesan range but these, in my opinion, are the absolute best! With Irregular choice, the heels are not too high therefore are very comfy and they have quirky patterns on the inside and the soles, however some of their shoes go the other end of the spectrum and are completely horrid so be careful!!

So they are my Top 5 favourite pairs of shoes at the moment. Obviously they’re not my everyday, knocking about the shops shoes, that would be a very different list involving platforms, cowboy boots and converse, but I’ll save that for another time!

Here are my Top 3 pairs of shoes that I want!! 

1. Christian Louboutin Madame Leopard Print Pump


These are my all time favourite Louboutins! I want I want I want! BUT I don’t think I’ll ever get them as they’re a few seasons old now and unless you get fake ones I cannot find them for the life of me! Sob sob!

This year I am intending on getting my Louboutin collection kicked off with a classic black pump, high heel, patent, like this….


2. Chloe Susanna ankle boot.


I do love these however they are tres expensive for an ankle boot so I am hardly about to purchase them, but it doesn’t hurt to look!

3. Jeffrey Campbell platform ankle boots.


Now I can’t make up my mind if I actually want a pair of these or not, hence not having bought any yet. I think I may have to order some and see how they feel. I like them when I see them on other people but not sure how I would wear them. Maybe watch this space……


Since publishing this blog I have found another pair of shoes that I think I need! Yes need! Have a sneak peek at these bad boys!!!

All Saints Bonny Cuban Heel


I already have a very similar boot, but with a gift card burning a hole in my pocket, these might have to be mine very soon!!


Thanks for reading!!

Girltini1 x

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